Our Current List of 2024 Events

Cloud FinOps 101 Webinar - Feb 7th

Unlock the fundamentals of FinOps in our 'FinOps 101' Fireside Chat, where you'll explore the core concepts, cultural impact, and business value of Financial Operations in the cloud era. Perfect for beginners and those looking to strengthen their foundational knowledge.

FinOps Xclusive @ FinOps Conference

The first LIVE Coverage of FinOps Conference! We are taking FinOps to the next level and creating content during the FinOps event with podcast style thought-leadership and engaging content! This event is for everyone, no registration, no approval process!

Upcoming FinOps + AI Webinar

Join us for an enlightening webinar on the powerful intersection of FinOps and AI, designed to revolutionize your approach to cloud financial management. Our expert speakers will delve into cutting-edge AI tools and techniques that are transforming the way organizations forecast, analyze, and manage cloud expenditures.

AWS re:invent 2024 - Nov 30-Dec 5th

Discover how Myer Media will elevate your brand during the largest learning conference in the world. Our podcast studio offers an exceptional platform for partners to showcase their expertise and innovations, connecting them with a global audience and enhancing their market presence.

Cinematic Video Editing

Our new Video Editing service offers professional editing finesse, access to top-tier self-recording software, and delivers one complete asset alongside 2-3 engaging highlight clips, transforming your raw footage into a storytelling masterpiece.

Live Event Coverage

Our service brings your in-person events to life, offering professional step-and-repeat, on-the-spot customer interviews, and captivating video content, all culminating in a highlight reel that showcases the best moments for your marketing endeavors.

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