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FinOps Automation Event

Date: May 8th, 2024 1 pm ET

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Welcome to our transformative live event focused on the integration of Financial Operations (FinOps) and automation! This engaging session is designed to demystify the essentials of FinOps, particularly in the realm of cloud computing and digital transformation. Our "FinOps Automating" Fireside Chat promises an in-depth exploration of FinOps' key principles, its significant cultural shift, and the immense value it brings to businesses navigating the cloud era.

Optimize Your Cloud

Welcome to the Greatest FinOps Automation Event in 2024

Embark on a journey to understand the essence of FinOps in our insightful webinar. Learn about the FinOps culture, its pivotal role in business strategy, and how mastering FinOps principles can lead to significant cost optimization and efficiency in your organization's cloud financial management.

Special Guest Speaker
(Coming Soon)

Marit Hughes

Specialist Master @ Deloitte

Event Speaker

Madhura Maskasky

Co-founder and VP of Product, Platform9

Why You Should
Attend This Event?

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  • Reason #1: Fundamental Knowledge Grasp the basic concepts and terminologies of FinOps, making it easier for you to navigate and implement financial operations within your organization.
  • Reason #2: Cultural Insights Understand the cultural transformation that accompanies FinOps adoption, fostering a cost-conscious mindset across teams without stifling innovation.
  • Reason #3: Strategic Frameworks Learn about the frameworks and best practices that can be employed to align your financial operations with your business goals, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Reason #4: Automation Strategies Dive into how automation plays a crucial role in FinOps, from reducing manual overheads to enabling more accurate and timely financial decision-making.
  • Reason #5: Innovated Solutions: Hear firsthand from our sponsors about the cutting-edge tools and services available to support your FinOps journey, offering solutions that cater to a range of business needs and scales.

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Rory Wheeler

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Event Schedule

1:15-1:50 PM

Opening Remarks

Marit Hughes

Specialist Master @ Deliotte

1:15-1:50 PM

Engineering-Led Optimization

Erik Peterson

Founder & CTO @ CloudZero

2:20-2:35 PM

Start Savvy: 3 Essential Tactics for FinOps Success

Steve Robinson

CEO @ hyperglance

2:40-3:05 PM

Understanding and controlling cloud backup costs

Sam Nicholls

Director, Public Cloud @ Veeam

3:10-3:45 PM

Simultaneous Usage and Rate Optimization... Have your cake and eat it too!

Matt Stellpflug

Sr. FinOps Specialist @ ProsperOps


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