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The Las Vegas Experience!

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1 hour of Full Service Studio Time

We have 1 hour time slots available in the Blue Wire Studios
What you get:
  • 1 hour of studio time (approximately 40-45mins of usable content)
  • Complete Video Production, Post Editing
  • Graphics
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Highlights/Snippets
Cost: $5,000

Official sponsor of our Prizes. Oculus Headset, Apple Airpods, Amazon Gift cards

What you get:
  • Official Prize Website with your logo
  • Links to your website or registration page
  • Social Media Promotion (Prize can only be claimed after posting about it socially)
  • Name/Title/Email of every contestant that registers to play
Cost: $2,500

Official Prize Sponsor with Lead Generation

Official Sponsor of an AWS Community Builder Podcast

AWS Community Builders Podcast

We will be hosting a 1 hour podcast featuring members of the AWS Community Builders to discuss hot topics around AWS.
What you get:
  • Official Sponsor Logo on the LED Backwall
  • Links to your website or registration page
  • Social Media Promotion and Syndication on YouTube
  • Participate in the discussion as a thought leader
  • Complete Video Editing
  • Highlights/Snippets
Cost: $2,500

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Content that engages with attendees more effectively through interviews, podcasts, and conversations.

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